Primare I35

Primares nya modeller har redan skördat flera riktigt bra tester, och i Hifi+ tror vi det slår alla rekord. Alan Sircom fullständigt älskar I35, den kunde förmodligen inte fått bättre kritik:

“I was expecting good things from the Primare I35 – the brand has a good reputation for making fine electronics – but frankly this one has me stumped. How did Primare make something this good… and it really is good! (…) This is an amplifier that has the Devil’s Amplifier Class running cool and clear and it is extraordinarily modern in design inside and out. And yet, if you listen with your ears instead of your eyes and your prejudices, you’ll discover that this is an absolute blinder of an amplifier – possibly one of the best there is! (…) …the Primare I35 just does it all so well, it makes me question the need to spend more.”

Länk till hela testet:…/20…/08/HiFi-Primare-I35-Review.pdf